Take a Look Around

Abandoned. Everywhere. Everyone is abandoned. Take a look and just you see.

Turn around and take a look at the nice old lady sitting on that park bench. She’s reading a book in the sun and if you were just passing by, you wouldn’t think twice about her. But you’re not passing by, so now you can realize that she is reading a book while she waits for her husband. It is that same husband that walked out of the door to their house that one day twenty odd years ago and still hasn’t returned.

It was on that day, all of those years ago, that he yelled out, “See you at the park,” before he left. So there she sat, waiting for him because maybe, just maybe, he’ll show up again.

Now, turn around again. Do you see that little girl with her father? They were both abandoned by the same person. That little girl’s mother had sat them both down, handed the divorce papers to the father and left, with her bags already packed. It took that little girl months to stop crying at night. There were no phone calls on Christmas, there were no cards on her birthday, there was no mother any day of the week.

To this day, and for many more to come that little girl will always wonder why she was never good enough for her mother to stay. She will always wonder if she could have been a better daughter. But, she will always tell you that she is okay, because her father is with her every step of the way, and he always will be.

Now, look over at the gay couple sitting in the coffee shop across the street. Had it been any other day, you would walk by them without even caring. But it isn’t any other day, and this time, you look at them, really look at them. It is then, that you notice that the one on the right has an almost invisible scar on his forehead.

What you don’t know about this couple is that they’ve had very different stories. You see, the one with the scar had an extremely religious family so when he came out to them, they beat him and kicked him out. His own family left him in the streets, not caring what comes of him. The other one, however, his family loved and accepted him. Though back in high school, things had been tough. He didn’t have many friends because everyone there had teased him mercilessly. There was one time where a new kid came. The man watched as the kid, that could have been his friend, found out he was a ‘loser’. He watched as the disgust dripped over his face before he joined the rest of the school in making his life suck.

Now look at that teenage girl sitting at the bus stop. With her black boot, dark hair and red rimmed eyes, you would think nothing much of her on your usual day. But this is not your usual day, so you delve into her story. It is there that you find that her boyfriend had cheated on her just three days after they had first said, “I love you.”

So there she sat, all alone, waiting for her bus to come and take her to the beach. That seems to be the place she goes every time she gets abandoned. She understands, though, that some people just can’t help but abandon her. The first time it had happened was three long weeks of her grandpa going in and out of hospital. To the beach she had ran once she heard the sound of a flat beep, and to the beach she runs now with the pieces of her heart gathered together in her hands.

Now, look at the person in the mirror. Had it been any other day of the week, you would just look but you would never look. But right now, I am telling you to look. The person in the mirror has had their heart broken, I can tell. I don’t know who it was by, but I know that being abandoned by this person was the hardest hing that the person in the mirror had to go through.

I would tell you the story behind it, but I don’t know what it is; only the person in the mirror knows that. But what I will do is finish all of the other stories that I have started.

You see, that old lady got up off of that bench and walked home. When she got there, she was greeted with the sight of her grand kids being picked up but their grandfather, the man she had married five years after her other husband had left.

That little girl eventually got back in touch with her mother, only to find out that she would never want her as a mother anyway.

That gay couple ended up getting engaged three months down the track. They adopted three kids and taught all of them to love and accept everyone, no matter what.

Remember that teenage girl at the bus stop? She went through another three boys before she found the one. It wasn’t until her wedding that she went back to that beach. She had said that it had reminded her of her grandpa and so it would be like he was there.

And finally, there’s the person in the mirror. Their fate hasn’t come yet, their future is still being decided. I do hope it turns out well, though, that person in the mirror seems like the type of person that would achieve great things.


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